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Stand: 2010-09-25

Andreas Seidel

Elmshorn Alligators

Nation.: GER

Geburtstag/ DOB: 1969-08-07

Alter/ Age: 40


AVG|Andreas Seidel| .333
|League Average| .298
|League Leader: Tyson Jaquez (DWF)| .563
OPS|Andreas Seidel| .833
|League Average| .816
|League Leader: Tyson Jaquez (DWF)| 1.694
HR| 0
|League Average| 1.1
|League Leader: Eogenio Jimenez (BWP)| 9
RBI|Andreas Seidel| 1 (t118)
|League Average| 16.4
|League Leader: Tyson Jaquez (DWF)| 40
|Player| Player  |League Avg.| League Avg.  |League Leader| League Leader


11.07. G2HSVW18-1 (5)432100011210 .333 .333 .500.833
vs. HSV (1)32100011210 .333 .333 .500.833
homegames (1)32100011210 .333 .333 .500.833
Totals 32100011210 .333 .333 .500.833

Keine Einsätze in der Defense. Did not play in the field.

Keine Einsätze als Pitcher. Did not pitch.

Key to abbreviations:
Player age calculated for July 1st of year
Barchart: league average for HR, RBI, K calculated using only players that meet qualification requirements (minimum PA/IP) for league championship in AVG/ERA
BO: Position in Batting Order; AB: At Bats; R: Runs Scored; H: Hits; 2B: Doubles; 3B: Triples; HR: Home Runs; RBI: Runs Batted In; BB: Bases on Balls (Walks); K: Strikeouts; SB: Stolen Bases; CS: Caught Stealing; AVG: Batting Average; SLG: Slugging Percentage; OBP: On-base Percentage; OPS: On-base Plus Slugging; ranking t: tied with other player(s); DNQ: does not qualify


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